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Incessant spiritual seeker, studied with different outstanding teachers for their mystical, psychological and self-knowledge disciplines. He developed his Integral Method of Personal Growth via Self-Knowledge® where he combined techniques of transpersonal psychology, Amazonian Therapeutics, Shamanism, Interior Alchemy, Breathing and Movement and Constellations Art and Life within his own methodology to promote communication of each one with the teachings that they await us in our own souls.
Studied separates schools of Alternative and Traditional Therapies,
He developed his own workshop "Theater as a path", where Art and spirituality meet.
He developed his own Workshop "Seekers of the Self" within his Integral Method of Personal Growth via Self-Knowledge®
Together with Lic. Vanesa Elías, they developed the system and content of the Dream Laboratory, within the field of Consciousness research.Work with

Image and Sound in its widest sense. As a producer of concerts, cds, dvds, and image production for artists, photography, graphic art, film records and more... always giving priority to the artistic sensibility and quality of each production. Radial production (radial artistic creation, format and content).
As Argentine Photographer and Designer

He developed innovative optical techniques and their own aesthetic result of incessant research. Founder of Photo Lab Experiments (LE Photo) in the 90s, where dialogued texts, images and various unconventional media, leading photographic research to the field of ontological reflection.

His works were featured with prizes in various competitions.
He has exhibited photos in Argentina, Peru and USA.
As a designer of Art was nominated repeatedly for the Gardel Awards
He has designed multimedia environments for shows and concerts.

In recent years he made photographic productions concerts and art designs for CDs and graphic art in general (working on discs or portraying artists as Sandra Luna, Valeria Lynch, Pablo Ziegler, Leopoldo Federico, Susana Rinaldi, Ruben Juarez, Emilio Balcarce, Alberto Podesta, Chango Spasiuk...)

He wrote reviews of Music, Theatre and Film
Scripts for video, radio art pieces and short stories (published award winner)

Jobs and occupations

2015 dictates the "Theater as a Way" Workshop in Spiritual Alchemy® School of the New Human Being

  Producer on A. Waisburd Artistic Productions   Producer on SuperArte Cultural Production
   2013 Voice-Off in the documentary "THE WAY WE DO THINGS" I and II Production EPK "We Alone" by Sandra Luna & Juan Esteban Cuacci. 

2010 Exhibition of photographs in the First Edition of Zero Hour Tango Fest, Bloomington, Indiana, USA Multimendia environment in Concert Festival.

Photographic productions, graphic designs and websites for Artists.

Photo Production, graphic designs for CDs, Books of artists.

Preproduction for Splendid AM990 radio program.

2009 Production Artists, management.

Photo Production, graphic designs for CDs, DVDs, Books of artists.

Artistic production of film projects

Concert multimedia production.

Pre-production for Splendid AM990 radio program.

2008 Artistic Production of the concerts series "El pulso de los Dos" with Sandra Luna and Raúl Luzzi (Artistic Representation). Photographic Production and graphic designs.
Pre-production for Splendid AM990 radio program -

2007 to the present as part of the Jury at the "Gardel Awards"

2007 - 2003 Artistic Production for "Somos Tango"
The following Radio Programme:
"Somos Tango" on Radio Provincia, Bs. As., La Plata.
"Somos Tango" in F. M. La Isla
"Somos Tango" International Edition, to F. M. Gladys Palmera, Barcelona, ​​Spain.
"The Anibal Troilo page" at F. M. Concept

Review of Music, Theatre and Cinema,
Cultural agendas, texts.
Artistic and radial micros. Musicalization.

2006 radio program "Somos Tango" on Radio Provincia, Bs. As., La Plata,
pre-production and musicalisation. cultural agendas, texts. artistic and micros.

Radio program "Somos Tango" on FM La Isla,
Review of Music, Theatre and Film.

Artistic Producer / Photography
Photographic Production Mulltimedia for Show "Love Starving" with Sandra Luna, Jose Ogivieki & Jorge Waisburd.

2005 Radio program "Somos Tango"
Radio Provincia Bs. As., La Plata,

Review of Music, Theatre and Cinema,
Preproduction, cultural agendas.
Texts and assembly of artistic pieces.

Tango Concert Series 05
Centro Cultural General San Martín,

Coordination and production assistance.

Artistic photography and graphic design
Musical productions.

Photographic productions and art for CDs.

2004 Manager / Supervisor / Coordinator at The VI Buenos Aires Tango Festival. Producer in "Solo Piano" at the Tango House (with the participation of great pianists like Gustavo Beytelmann, Juan Carlos Cirigliano, Saul Cosentino, Olga Kaplan, Nicolas Ledesma, Sonia Possetti, Lito Vitale, Juan Carlos Zunini, etc.). VI International Film Festival. Transit copies. Tango Concert Series 04 General San Martin Cultural Center. Coordination and production assistance. Radio program "The Aníbal Troilo page"
Production. Radio program "Somos Tango" Radio Gladys Palmera, Barcelona. Production, Texts for artistic pieces.

2004-2003 Electronic Tango "Ambientango" show.
Artistic production and video editing theme.

Photography. Production.

2001 Creates and develops the "Theater as a Way" Workshop as part of an artistic research in the field of self-conscious development.

2001-1995 Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica (ANMAT). Internship at the Faculty of Economics.

Making Institutional Videos
and photographs for ANMAT.

1999 Dubbing the documentary series "Lost Civilizations" and
"Fantastic Future" and Discovery Chanell "Petcetera" Animal Planet series

Dubbing (Overvoice and Lipsync, Latino Neutral)

1997 Camera Support for Channel 2.
Assistance for the Santa Fe Chamber Study

1994-1993 Integral Production Concerts of Contemporary Music. In Cátulo Castillo Cultural Center. Harlequins Theatre. Die Schule, Cement.

1993 Operation Lights and production assistance in Show "Grana with Ferrer" Maria Grana and Horacio Ferrer (Complejo La Plaza)

1993-1992 FM Tango
Artistic Production.
Production of "The little school of Lunfardo" with radio star Elizabeth Vernaci

1992 Teatro Empire. Making Sound.

Works, competitions and exhibitions

2007 Gardel Awards Nominee in the category "Cover Design" for Sandra Luna cd "Con las Alas de Eladia”

2006 Gardel Awards Nominee in the category "Cover Design" for the Edgardo Acuña Quintet cd "Tango Marginal"

2002 Winner of the third prize of participatory UPCN Photo Contest and Art, and two mentions of outstanding works within it.

2001 Photo Exhibition on the boardwalk in Iquitos, Peru,
at mansion belonging to advance Fitzcarraldo, current coffee "Arandú"

2000 Photo exhibition and installation "Casona de boedo".
Exhibition at the Recoleta Cultural Center of a selected photograph in photo contest organized by Metrovias

1999 Photo Exhibition on "Sarajevo" from San Telmo. -

Writing the script for 1998 film "Mudanza"
Inspired by a true story, set in Federation, Entre Rios

1995 Performance in the play "On Stage"
(presented by the "Magic Box").
Performance in the play "Family" of Florencio Sánchez
(National School of Drama).

1991 Short story published in the book "Andá, contame a Gardel", Ed. Editions of Buenos Aires. edited by competition.

Photographic experimentation.
Development his own technical